Retrofit lightbulbs to solve your lighting problems!

Now that the incandescent lightbulb has been removed from the shop shelves we are all adjusting to the shape and light of the low energy lightbulb. But how many of us are put off by the size and odd shapes of the standard CFL bulbs out there? As a designer, I am appalled to see the tubular top of a low energy bulb sticking out of a beautiful wall light or chandelier where a lovely candle bulb used to sit.

With the new range of retrofit low energy bulbs available at this problem is a thing of the past. The range includes lovely shaped candle and golf balls for all types of fittings, they use just 7W instead of 35W and cost just £3.98 each.

Check the new low energy light bulb range out today and make your wall-lights beautiful again!

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