More Sunlight & lower Carbon Emissions! What a plan!

The latest brainwave by Environmentalist Group 10:10 could save the UK 500,000 tonnes of carbon emissions every year and it is so very simple!

In our country, we move the clocks around and in so doing waste valuable daylight in the morning and burn expensive lightbulbs in the evening. 10:10 are proposing a change in the way we do this. A plan called ‘Lighter Later’ suggests that we move our clocks forward by one hour for the whole year. We should then change our clocks as normal in Spring and Autumn. This would equate to GMT +2hours in the Summer and GMT +1 in the Winter, which would give us all valuable daylight hours when we were awake and not at 4.30am when most of us are sleeping. It would also delay the time at which we switch on our electric lights in the winter – sometimes as early as 3.30pm in the afternoon.

So all in all, we would gain more sunlight, reduce our electricity consumption, save money and reduce the carbon emissions!

The 10:10 campaigners are collecting signatures which will be presented to the Prime Minister on June 21st, the longest day of the year. They already have 10,000 signatures but would love to get 5,000 more in the next few days. To sign up to the campaign follow the link and be a part of the solution!
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  1. Chris

    Seems very sensible – I’m amazed that the clocks are not already set to maximize day light around 9-5…

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