Give an Ol’ Sideboard a Break!

Are you trying to furnish and redecorate your home in a sustainable way but worry about the effect of buying so much new stuff? As an eco interior designer I often try to incorporate older vintage pieces into a room scheme. It not only adds timeless style and a sense of character to the room but it is the ultimate in recycling. Give the piece a makeover with new doorhandles or paint and you have Oliver Heath’s key phrase – ‘upcycling’.

Endless pieces of quality furniture end up unloved and on the scrap heap at the end of their life as we all search for the latest interior fashion. True sustainable design incorporates quality older pieces to stunning effect.

But where can we find these beautiful wardrobes, sideboards, bedsteads and the like? Naturally you can spend your weekends leisurely strolling through local markets and second-hand stores – an activity I can thoroughly recommend! For those who live a little more remotely or simply want to see what is out there, here are a few websites to help you on your way:

They each work slightly differently, but all offer a range of used furniture for sale from the 20’s through to 90’s and beyond. You never know, your dream bedstead might be out there. Enjoy the search!

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