How to create an Organic nursery for your Baby

Gecco Interiors Natural nursery range

At Gecco Interiors we have spent the last few years gathering all the fabulous, sustainable, chemical free products in our eco-friendly product range to help you to create wonderful design schemes for your own ‘green’ homes. We are often asked for information and ideas about how to create a safe, toxin free nursery or kids bedroom – after all the increase in asthma and eczema has its roots in off-gassing of new furnishings and children’s immune systems are much less developed than ours. We thought it was time to create a section on the website just for kids.

So how do you create an Eco-friendly, natural nursery? Here are the main things to think about:

Flooring – the main culprit in asthma and eczema is the dust mite, which lives in normal house dust. To keep this to a minimum choose a wooden, cork, rubber or vinyl flooring and then soften the look with rugs that can be washed regularly. Failing that, look for natural wool carpets in natural shades that have not been dyed, even though they will still have been treated with pesticide and often stain repellent.

Walls – there really is no excuse to use anything but natural paint these days as there are so manylovely shades to choose from. The natural paints are made using a mixure of plant oils and not petroleum. They have zero VOC emissions, are easy to apply and smell fantastic! The best news is that the air will not be polluted by off-gassing for the first years of your baby’s life.

Furniture – look for wooden furniture that has been finished with natural oil or non VOC paints

Mattreses – there are many different natural and organic mattresses on the market today and the woollen fleece layer wrapped around them reduces the number of dust mites, whilst also regulating your baby’s body temperature (as recommended by FSID)

Bedding – look for bedding made of certified ‘organic cotton’, in the UK the Soil Association has certified many gorgeous bedding ranges to fit all sizes of bed

Curtains & Blinds – don’t go and ruin the overall natural design by buying curtains made of fabric using chemical dyes and finishes, as they too will off-gas for some time. There is now a huge choice of organic and sustainable fabrics in vibrant or pastel shades that would compliment any kids room scheme.

For more inspiration, why not check out our new nursery and kids section, or call our in-house eco interior designer Angie Kraft on 01494 565459

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